Monthly Archive: July 2017

DM No. 363, s. 2017

Sandugo Quiz Show

DM No. 362, s. 2017

Guidelines on the Conduct of ORVT from Grades 1. to 10 and Its Corresponding Quadrants

DM No. 361, s. 2017

Session with Key Elders and Validation of Eskaya Community Matrix

DM No. 360, s. 2017

Nihongo Training

DM No. 359, s. 2017

Mandatory Assessment in Organic Agriculturem (OA) NC II

DM No. 358, s. 2017

Management Information System (MIS) Rollout Training for Secondary Schools

DM No. 357, s. 2017

Division Conference of Selected Guidance Counselors and Designates for Leading, Achieving, Maximizing, Potential of Students Through Personalized Mentoring (LAMPOS-PERME) Implementation


Planning Conference all BDCASS Members

CC No. 10, s. 2017

Age Level CourseAge Level Course

CC No. 9, s. 2017

Transportation Expense During Monthly Meetings of District/School Field Advisers in the Council