Daily Archive: November 10, 2017

DM No. 617, s. 2017

Orientation of Newly Hired Nurses

DM No. 616, s. 2017

2nd Quarter Reports on Curriculum Implementation and Progress Monitoring in MAPEH

DM No. 615, s. 2017

Submission of Reports on the Implementation of Grade 11 Career Guidance Program (CGP) for School Year 2017-2018 Delivered Modules for the First Semester.

DM No. 614, s. 2017

Designation of District Youth Formation Coordinators

DM No. 613, s. 2017

Launching of Starbooks by the DOST-Bohol

DM No. 612, s. 2017

Division Executive Conference

DM No. 611, s. 2017

Reading Remediation Support Program (RRSP): Supporting Teachers in Levelling Up Assistance to Readers (STELLAR) Training

DM No. 610, s. 2017

Administration of the Philippine Educational Placement Test