Daily Archive: May 15, 2018

DM No. 229, s. 2018

Announcement of the Nationwide Launch of the GSIS Financial Assistance Loan Program (GFAL)

DM No. 228, s. 2018

Division Level Training on Kindergarten Pedagogies, Child Centered Approaches, DAP-ELLN and Classroom-Based Assessment

DM No. 227, s. 2018

Workshop on the Refinement of Quarter 1 Multigrade Daily Lesson Plans

DM No. 226, s. 2018

Submission of School Teachers’ Needs Analysis for Kindergarten/Elementary Level of School Year 2018-2019

DM No. 225, s. 2018

Division Executive Conference

DM No. 224, s. 2018

2-Day Workshops on the Finalization of the Instructional Plan (IPLAN) for TLE/TVL in Different Qualitfications and the Agri-Entrepreneurship Senior High School (SHS) Contextualized Curriculum Based Learning Materials (CBLM)

DM No. 223, s. 2018

Planning Conference for EPP/TVE/TVL Core of Trainors in Preparation for the Conduct of National Certification II Assessment to TLE Teachers in Different Qualifications, Contextualization and Enhancing Competencies in Teaching EPP/TLE