Daily Archive: December 5, 2018

Office Memorandum

Urgent Meeting for the Ratification of the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws

DM No. 634, s. 2018

Orientation of Newly-Hired Elementary Teachers

DM No. 633, s. 2018

Corregindum to Division Memorandum No. 624, s. 2018 Re: Administration of the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) to Grade 9 Students for School Year 2018-2019

DM No. 632, s. 2018

Teacher Profiling Study by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Unnumbered Memo

Cornerstone Christmas Program 2018


Planning Conference in Preparation for the 2018 Regional Festival of Talents (Sining Tanghalan)

DM No. 631, s. 2018

Final Coordination Meeting for the Regional Festival of Talents

DM No. 630, s. 2018

Results of the 7th Division STEP-Technolympics SY 2018-2019

DM No. 629, s. 2018

Meeting of All Support Staff for Popquiz and On-The-Spot Skills Exhibition During the 2018 Regional Festival of Talents (RFOT)

DM No. 628, s. 2018

Workshop on the Enhancement Learning Resource Plan and LR GAP Analysis