Monthly Archive: December 2018


DepEd-Bohol Band Practice in Preparation for the Regional Festival of Talents 2018

DM No. 649, s. 2018

Municipal SEF AID for the CVIRAA 2019

DM No. 648, s. 2018

Division Assignments of Personnel During the Hosting of the Regional Festival of Talents

DM No. 647, s. 2018

Planning Conference for the Division Level Training of Public Schools District Supervisors and School Heads on the Management and Supervision of Multigrade Schools Inclusive Education

DM No. 646, s. 2018

Advocacy Campaign on Fireworks Related Injury Prevention

DM No. 645, s. 2018

Result of the 2018 Special Program for Foreign Language Competition

DM No. 644, s. 2018

Conduct of Research Studies in the Division for the Approved 2019 BERF Research Proposals

DM No. 643, s. 2018

Bohol ALS Implementers Year-End Personality Assessment: Strengthening Our Spiritual Core

DM No. 642, s. 2018

2018 Metrobank-MTAP DepEd Math Challenge

DM No. 641, s. 2018

Coordination Meeting of Schools with TVL Allocation