Monthly Archive: June 2019


Conference of Division Multigrade Technical Working Group and MG DLP Editors

DM No. 275, s. 2019

Orientation-Workshop on the Enhanced School Improvement Plan (ESIP) for School Year 2019-2022 (Cycle 5)

DM No. 274, s. 2019

Submission of Master Teacher Load for School School Year 2019-2020

DM No. 273, s. 2019

Festival of Learning Resources and State of the Division Address (SODA)


Pre-Planning Conference for the Festival of Learning Resources

DM No. 272, s. 2019

Leadership Coaching and Project Management Training Course

DM No. 271, s. 2019

Monthly Coordination Meeting for School Health & Nutrition Personnel (Medical Section)


Regional Search for Third Level Officials

DM No. 270, s. 2019

Fira Roboworld Cup 2019

DM No. 08, s. 2019

New Schedule of the District Field Advisers’ Update