Monthly Archive: July 2019


Pre-Work/Planning Conference on the Division Training Workshop on Rondalla for Public Secondary Schools

DM No. 331, s. 2019

Deworming Reports and the Official Channels of Communication for the Division School Health and Nutrition Section

DM No. 330, s. 2019

Annual Meeting of All School Paper Advisers Both Elementary and Secondary Schools

DM No. 329, s. 2019

2019 Clustered Assemblies on Responsible Public Sector Unionism of the Department of Education National Employees Union

DM No. 328, s. 2019

Continuous Improvement (CI) Program Implementation

DM No. 325, s. 2019

Data Management and Information Requirements Orientation/Workshop for BOSY 2019-2020 Implementation (LIS and EBEIS) System Updating)

DM No. 327, s. 2019

PRISAAP Regional Educators’ Congress

DM No. 326, s. 2019

Adherence to the Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Implementation Timeline

CC No. 12, s. 2019

Basic Course for Area 3

CC No. 11, s. 2019

Girl Powered Nutrition (GPN) Badge Activity Pack, and Implementation of the Badge Curriculum to the Girls