Daily Archive: August 5, 2019

DM No. 344, s. 2019

8th Annual for High Officials of Basic Education of SEAMEO Member Countries

DM No. 343, s.2 019

Division Launching of 2019 and 5th Year Edition of Wellness Campus Program

DM No. 342, s. 2019

Division Level Orientation on the LAC Resource Guide for Multigrade Teachers

DM No. 341, s. 2019

District-Wide Pre-EGRA Assessment for Grade I and II Learners in MTB and Filipino

DM No. 340, s. 2019

Conduct of District-Wide Phil-IRI (Pretest) for Grade 3 to 6 Learners in Filipino

DM No. 339, s. 2019

Conduct of Oral Reading Verification Assessment for Filipino (Junior High School)

DM No. 338, s. 2019

Regional Orientation of Newly-Hired Teachers on Teacher Induction Program (TIP)