Monthly Archive: September 2020

DM No. 457, s. 2020

Online Training on Positive Discipline for Everyday Teaching

DM No. 456, s. 2020

Conference of Early Language Literacy and Numeracy Digital (ELLND) Course SDO Technical Working Group and LAC Facilitators




Internal Guidelines of the BAC for its Procurement Activities

DM No. 455, s. 2020

Specific Schedule of DepEd Programs for Online and TV Broadcast on 28 – October 2020

DM No. 454, s. 2020

Preparation of 3rd Quarter Financial Reports CY-2020

DM No. 453, s. 2020

Distribution of MHPSS Materials for the Opening of Classes, School Year 2020-2021


For Signature of Appointments and Releasing of other Documents for the Newly Hired and Promoted Employees



Office Memorandum

Orientation of the Newly Reconstituted Inspectorate Team