Daily Archive: September 1, 2020

DM No. 384, s. 2020

Updates on the Online Submission of Electronic Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (E-IPCRF) of Teachers

DM No. 383, s. 2020

Intensification of the DepEd Bohol Task Force COVID-19: The Core Task Force

DM No. 382, s. 2020

Online Distance Learning Delivery Modality Implementation Survey

DM No. 381, s. 2020

New Schedule and Additional Guidelines on the Conduct of Mental Health and Psychological Support Services for the Opening of Classes, School Year 2020-2021

DM No. 380, s. 2020

Processing of Permanent or Temporary (Voluntary) Closure of Private Schools

DM No. 379, s. 2020

Securing Permission to Teach