Daily Archive: September 18, 2020

DM No. 431, s. 2020

School Learning Action Cells on the Adoption of the Blended Delivery Model for Teacher Professional Development: Roll Out of the ELLN Digital for K to 3 Teachers and Technical Assistance Providers Batch 3

DM No. 430, s. 2020

Data Gathering on Preferred Mobile Internet Network Provider

DM No. 429, s. 2020

World Teachers’ Cum Civil Service Month Celebration

DM No. 428, s. 2020

Writers and Editors of the Science Self-Learning Materials/Modules (SLM) for Elementary, Junior HS & Senior HS

DM No. 427, s. 2020

Workshop on the Quality Assurance of 2nd Quarter Science Modules

DM No. 426, s. 2020

Celebration of the International Coastal Clean-Up (ICC) Day 2020