Daily Archive: October 30, 2020

Division Advisory

Strategic Research and Development Center Inc.

DM No. 526, s. 2020

Search for Outstanding COVID-19 Volunteers

DM No. 525, s. 2020

Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Digital (ELLND) Program Implementation Program Review and Preparation of Program Completion Report

DM No. 524, s. 2020

Division Training of Trainers on Learning Action Cell for Multigrade Teachers and School Heads

DM No. 523, s. 2020

Workshop on the Finalization of Kindergarten Home-Based Tool Kit and Learning Experiences Packets for Quarters 3 and 4

DM No. 522, s. 2020

Guidelines on the Administration of the Contextualized Early Childhood Development (ECD) Checklist

DM No. 521, s. 2020

Webinar on Observance to the National Indigenous Peoples Month

DM No. 520, s. 2020

Scouts Go Green Challenge – A Tree Planting Contest