Monthly Archive: November 2020

Office Memorandum

Submission of Revised Personal Data Sheet

DM No. 605, s. 2020

Interfacing with Private School Administrators / Principals

DM No. 604, s. 2020

Pre-Retirement Forum  


List of Approved Reclassification of Positions Due to Equivalent Record Form (ERF) dated November 9, 2020

CC No. 08, s. 2020

Digital Orientation for Community Women

CC No. 09, s. 2020

Project Panaghiusa: Donation Drive for the Victims of Typhoons Rolly and UlyssesDrive for the Victims of

DM No. 593, s. 2020

Division Assessment on the Implementation of the Basic Education – Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP)

DM No. 603, s. 2020

Workshop on the Development of SHS-Discipline and Ideas in Social Science (DISS) Self Instructional Modules

DM No. 602, s. 2020

Online Submission of Municipal Cultural Mapping Team Members

DM No. 601, s. 2020

Workshop on the Quality Assurance of 4th Quarter Science Modules