Daily Archive: December 1, 2020

DM No. 610, s. 2020

Workshop on the Assessment and Updates of LRMD

DM No. 609, s. 2020

Social Development Academy Webinar Series on Distant Learning of Selected Ubay I, II and III District School Heads, Teachers and ALS Coordinator

DM No. 608, s. 2020

Virtual Web Design and Development Training for Teachers

DM No. 607, s. 2020

Consultative Meeting with the Members of the Newly Created Technical Working Group Members on Project CASS (Computer-aided Assistance, Support and Services)

DM No. 606, s. 2020

Workshop on the Digitization of Kindergarten Learning Experiences Packets (KLEPs) and Editing of Kindergarten Video Lessons for Quarters 2 and 3 (Series 1)