DM No. 469, s. 2014

Training Workshop on Improvisation, Use and Care of Science and Math Equipment/Facilities

DM No. 468, s. 2014

2014 Qualifiers for the Regional Science and Technology Fair

DM No. 467, s. 2014

Orientation Workshop on the Kindergarten Catch Up Education Program

DM No. 466, s. 2014

Submission Supporting Documents for Payment of Loyalty Cash Award CY 2014

DM No. 465, s. 2014

Junior & Senior Red Cross Youth Summit

DM No. 464, s. 2014

Mobile Services on National Agencies and Local & Overseas Job Fair

DM No. 463, s. 2014

DepEd’s Internet Connectivity Program (DICP) Elementary and Secondary Recipient Schools the Schools for Fiscal Year 2014

DM No. 462, s. 2014

Basa Pilipinas Learning Action Cell (LAC) Training for School Heads

DM No. 461, s. 2014

Administration of School Year 2014-2015 National Achievement Test (Fourth Year and Grade Six) and Language Assessment for Primary Grades (Grade Three)

DM No. 460, s. 2014

Deadline of Filing Requests for Payment of All Financial Claims for FY 2014