DM No. 217, s. 2019

Post Implementation Review of the Division Level Training on Pedagogies, DAP DLLN, Classroom-Based Assessment, Inclusive Education and Cum Workshop on Ukulele and Quarter 2 Conference of Division Kindergarten Technical Working Group and District Kindergarten Coordinators

DM No. 216, s. 2019

Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 210, s. 2019 Re: Bohol Science Specialist Association Officials’ Conference for Crafting and Drafting of BESSA BY-Laws

DM No. 215, s. 2019

Submission of Balik Kasaysayan Compedium Output by Municipality

DM No. 214, s. 2019

Quarter Conference of Secondary Araling Panlipunan (AP) Writers

DM No. 213, s. 2019

Araling Panlipunan (AP) Action Research Kumustahan

DM No. 210, s. 2019

Bohol Science Specialists Association Officials’ Conference for Crafting of BESSA By-Laws

DM No. 212, s. 2019

Duties and Responsibilities of A Division Inspectorate (Infrastructure / Goods)

DM No. 211, s. 2019

3 Day Live-Out Training on Microsoft Office 365 for Senior High School Teachers and / or SHS Coordinators

CC No. 6, s. 2019

District Field Advisers’ Update

DM No. 209, s. 2019

Monitoring / Supervision / Inspection of Goods and Infrastructure of the CY 2018 BEFF Major Repair (Savings) and the CY 2019 BEFF Major Repair of School Buildings, Restoration of Gabaldon and Modernazation of Electrical Systems On-GRID Batch 1 & 2 DPWH Implemented-SBP