DM No. 268, s. 2020

Updates on the Results-Based Performance Management System for School Years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021

DM No. 267, s. 2020

Submission of Report on Issues and Concerns, Challenges and Interventions in Preparation for the Opening of Classes

DM No. 265, s. 2020

Textbook Mapping of Competencies Align to MELC

DM No. 264, s. 2020

Revision of the Agri-Entrepreneurship Contextualized Curriculum Based Learning Materials (CCBLM)

DM No. 263, s. 2020

Guidelines in the Conduct of Annual Medical Examination During the COVID-19 Pandemic

DM No. 262, s. 2020

Provisional Alternative Learning System (ALS) Enrolment

DM No. 261, s. 2020

Quality Assurance of Quarter 1 Filipino/MTB (Modules) Elementary

DM No. 260, s. 2020

Quality Assurance of Quarter 1 Filipino (Module) Secondary

DM No. 259, s. 2020

Quality Assurance of First Semester Filipino (Learning Activity Sheet) Senior High School


Approved Appointments