DM No. 008, s. 2017

Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 005, s. 2017 Re: Regional Kindergarten Festival of Talents

DM No. 007, s. 2017

Conduct of Community Caravan for the Alternative Learning System (ALS)

DM No. 006, s. 2017

Workshops on Development of Eskaya Orthography Series 2 and Writing of Quarter 2 Indigenized Lesson Plan for Kindergaten and Grade 1 of Schools with 100% Indigenous Peoples (IP) Learners

DM No. 005, s. 2017

Regional Kindergarten Festival of Talents

DM No. 004, s. 2017

Orientation Training-Workshop on the Budget of Work for Multigrade Teaching and Enhancement Training on Differentiated Instruction and Explicit Teaching Batches 2-4

Bohol Provincial Federated Parents Teachers Association

BPFPTA Raffled Draw Winners

DM No. 003, s. 2017

Corrigendum to Regional Memo. No. 783, s. 2016 Entitled “2017 Regional Population Quiz and On-the-Spot Skills Exhibition on POPDEV”

DM No. 002, s. 2017

Paligsahan sa Kasaysayan and Current Event Contests

DM No. 001, s. 2017


DM No. 652, s. 2016

Learning Effective Through Enhanced Pedagogies Program with Psychological First Aid Training (LEEP-PFA)