DM No. 482, s. 2018

Dissemination of the following Memoranda: DM No. 145, s. 2018 and DepEd Memo. No. 146, s. 2018

DM No. 481, s. 2018

Salamat Po Letter Writing Advocacy Program

DM No. 480, s. 2018

Support for Data-Gathering Activities of the DepEd and SEAMEO Innotech Research Project on Understanding Teacher Motivation in the Philippines

DM No. 479, s. 2018

Nominations for the Public Management Development Program-Senior Executive Class (PMDP-SEC) of the Development Academy of the Philippines

DM No. 478, s. 2018

Nomination of Participants to the Strategic Thinking and Innovations Program of the SEAMEO Innotech

DM No. 477, s. 2018

POP Quiz and On-the-Spot Skills Exhibition

DM No. 476, s. 2018

Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 457, s. 2018 (National Teachers’ Day/World Teachers’ Day Celebration)

DM No. 475, s. 2018

Administration of National Achievement Test (NAT) for Grade 10 for School Year 2017-2018

DM No. 474, s. 2018

Workshop on Illustration and Layout Designing of K to 12 Materials

DM No. 473, s. 2018

Implementation of the Regional Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (MEA) Framework Effective SY 2018-2019