DM No. 181, s. 2018

University of the Visayas Grand Alumni Homecoming

DM No. 180, s. 2018

Dissemination of DepEd Order No. 13, s. 2018 Entitled “Implementing Guidelines on the Conduct of Remedial and Advancement Classes During Summer for the K to 12 Basic Education Program”

DM No. 179, s. 2018

Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 170, s. 2018 Re: Administration of 2018 English Proficiency Test (EPT) for Senior High School, Junior High School, Elementary and Kinder Teacher-Applicants

DM No. 178, s. 2018

Division Seminar-Workshop on Joyful Learning In Mathematics Education

DM No. 177, s. 2018

Incoming and Outgoing Ceremonies for the Department of Education-Division of Bohol Superintendent

CC No. 04, s. 2018

District & School Field Advisers Update

CC No. 05, s. 2018

Regional Training School

DM No. 176, s. 2018

Summer Activities of School Health & Nutrition Personnel

DM No. 175, s. 2018

Utilization of Instructional Supervision Tools for Kindergarten Classroom Observations and Standardized Classroom Observation Protocols for Educators in Literacy (SCOPE-L)

DM No. 174, s. 2018

Updates Related to the Recruitment and Hiring Guidelines of Senior High School (SHS) Teaching Positions for School Year 2018-2019