DM No. 706, s. 2017

Preparation of Year-End Financial and Budgetary Reports CY 2017

DM No. 705, s. 2017

Bohol Team Coaches’ Meeting and New Set of Practices in Preparation for the National Robot Games 2018

DM No. 704, s. 2017 Online Survey on Career and Education Preferences of all Grade 10 Students in Region VII

DM No. 703, s. 2017

Reiteration of the Policies on Protection Against Tobacco Industry Interference in the Department Pursuant to DepEd Order Nos. 48, s. 2016, and 6, s. 2012, and CSC JMC 2010-01

DM No. 702, s. 2017

Conduct of the Division Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (DMEA) Conference


SDO Strategic Planning Workshop

DM No. 701, s. 2017

Designation of National Educators Academy of the Philippines Director as the Officer-In-Charge of Continuing Professional Development Activities for Teachers

DM No. 700, s. 2017

DQ Screen Time Study Survey

DM No. 699, s. 2017

Dissemination of the Freedom of Information Memorandum Circular No. 06, s. 2017 (Freedom of Information Awards)

DM No. 698, s. 2017

Dissemination of DepEd Memorandum Circular Nos. 33 and 34