DM No. 356, s. 2017

Submission of Written Explanation for Failure to Finalize EOSY 2016-2017 Data, And Encoding of Enrolment for BOSY 2017-2018 in the LIS Dashboard

DM No. 355, s. 2017

Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 342, s. 2017 Re: Basa Pilipinas-Reading Remediation Support Program (RRSP)

DM No. 254, s. 2017

Liter of Light Workshop

DM No. 353, s. 2017

Public Secondary School Heads Consultation Meeting

DM No. 352, s. 2017

Division Conference on Filipino ORVT and Phil-Iri Tools

DM No. 351, s. 2017

Division Conference of District Culture and Arts Coordinators

DM No. 350, s. 2017

Robotics Showcase and First Division Robotics Cup 2017

DM No. 349, s. 2017

Division Mathematics and Science Fair 2017

DM No. 348, s. 2017

Division Led Roll-Out of Untrained Science Senior High School Teachers

DM No. 347, s. 2017

Basa Pilipinas Data Quality Assessment