DM No. 057, s. 2018

Posting of  “Welcome Delegates Streamers” for 2018 Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVIRAA)

DM No. 056, s. 2018

Capability Building of Selected Grade I Teachers on Reading Remediation Support Program

DM No. 055, s. 2018

Training Workshop for SGOD Personnel on Contextualizing Support Systems for Indigenous Peoples Education (IPED)

DM No. 054, s. 2018

Encoding of SY 2017-2018 Teachers’ Data in the EBEIS for Schools With Zero Teachers

DM No. 053, s.2018

Basa Pilipinas-Program School Visits

DM No. 052, s. 2018

School Based Feeding Program Implementation Review and Planning Workshop

DM No. 051, s. 2018

Corrigendum to Division Memo. No. 038, s. 2018 Basa Pilpinas EGRA Data Collection Activities 2018

DM No. 050, s. 2018

Reading Remediation Support Pilot (RRSP) – EGRA Endline Data Collection

DM No. 049, s. 2018

Official Delegation to the 2018 National Schools Press Conference (NSPC)

DM No. 048, s. 2018

Orientation of New School Forms and Guideline on the Annual Checking and Validation of Forms