DM No. 141, s. 2017

Announcing the Winners for the Poster Making/Slogan Contest in Secondary Schools (Public and Private) in Commemoration of the 2017 Women’s Month Celebration

DM No. 140, s. 2017

Submission of List of Science Competencies not Tackled in the Third Quarter

DM No. 139, s. 2017

Schedule of Licensure Examinations of the Professional Regulation Commission for Calendar Year 2017

DM No. 138, s. 2017

Search for the Outstanding Barkada Kontra Droga Implementers in Secondary Schools for School Year 2016-2017

DM No. 137, s. 2017

36th DepEd Principals Training and Development Program Cum National Board Conference

DM No. 136, s. 2017

First Principals National Congress on K to 12

DM No. 135, s. 2017

Moratorium on DepEd Educational Field Trips and Other Similar Activities

DM No. 110, s. 2017

Submission of School Forms for End of School Year 2016-2017

DM No. 134, s. 2017

Modifications to Division Memorandum No. 041, s. 2017, Dated January 31, 2017 On Hiring Guidelines for Senior High School (SHS) Teaching Positions Effective SY 2017-2018

DM No. 133, s. 2017

3rd and 4th Quarter Reports on Curriculum Implementation and Progress Monitoring in MAPEH