DM No. 154, s. 2020

Enhanced of the Alternative Work Arrangements Due to Intensified Community Quarantine for the Safety Measures Against COVID-19

DM No. 153, s. 2020

Interim Guidelines in the Submission of School MOOE Liquidations to the Schools Division Office (SDO) for the Duration of State of Public Health Emergency Due to COVID-19

DM No. 152, s. 2020

Clarification on the Preparation of Rooms as Quarantine Area


Suspension of Fact-Finding/Preliminary and Formal Investigations of the Legal Unit

DM No. 151, s. 2020

Moratorium on the Filing of Application for the Opening of Bank Accounts for Non-Implementing Units Pursuant to COA-DBM-DepEd Joint Circular No. 2019-1

DM No. 150, s. 2020

Operational Work Guidelines for SDO Functional Divisions in Response to Worsening COVID-19 Threat

DM No. 149, s. 2020

Guidelines for Securing Clearance to Use School Rooms As Quarantine Rooms

DM No. 148, s. 2020

DOH Proposal to Use Classrooms as Isolation Rooms

DM No. 147, s. 2020

Community Quarantine and the Reporting of PUM’s and PUI’s Involving DepEd Learners and Staff

DM No. 146, s. 2020

Quarantine Room in Schools