DM No. 392, s. 2019

Mid-Conference of Division Kindergarten Supervisors

DM No. 391, s. 2019

LAC Session Schedule in Junior High School Science

DM No. 390, s. 2019

Center Managers Training for Tech4ED Project Recipient Schools

DM No. 389, s. 2019

Pre-Construction Orientation/Meeting of the CY 2019 BEFF Repair of Classrooms/CY 2019 Restoration of Gabaldon Buildings/CY 2018 Repair (Savings) and The CY 2019 Electrification Projects

CC No. 18, s. 2019

2019 Girl Scout Week Celebration

CC No. 17, s. 2019

Josefa Llanes Escoda (JLE) District Camp

DM No. 388, s. 2019

Submission of School Forms for Beginning of School Year 2019-2020

DM No. 387, s. 2019

Pre-Work Activity for the 2019 Division Asean Quiz, Pop Quiz, and On the Spot Skills Exhibition

DM No. 386, s. 2019

Conduct of District Monitoring Evaluation and Adjustment (DsMEA) for the 1st Quarter SY 2019-2020

DM No. 385, s. 2019

First Quarter Mathematics Learning Competency Audit