DM No. 032, s. 2017

Continuous Improvement (CI) Program Symposiums by District and Division

DM No. 031, s. 2017

Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 6, s. 2016 (Awareness Campaign in Support of ASEAN Community 2015 and the Philippines Chairmanship in the ASEAN 2017)

DM No. 030, s. 2017

2017 Private Schools in Basic Education Conference

DM No. 029, s. 2017

Submission of Agak Report and SEF

DM No. 028, s. 2017

Basa Pilipinas – Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA)

DM No. 027, s. 2017

Announcing the Winners of the Search for Modelong Gulayan sa Paaralan in the Province of Bohol 2016

DM No. 026, s. 2017

Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 006, s. 2017 Entitled “Workshop on Development of Eskaya Orthography Series 2 and Writing O Quarter 2 Indigenized Lesson Plan for Kindergarten and Grade I of Schools with 100% Indigenous Peoples (IP) Learners”

BPFPTA Meeting

Regular Meeting

DM No. 025, s. 2017

Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 005, s. 2017 Re: Additional Participants to the Regional Kindergarten Festival of Talents

DM No. 024, s. 2017

Schedule of Behavioral Event Interview of Applicants for School Nurse Item for Senior High Schools