CM No. 28, s. 2016

Council Board of Review for All Ranks

DM No. 578, s. 2016

One-Day Conference for Teachers Trainers’s Methodology 1 (TM-1) Takers and Passers

DM No. 577, s. 2016

Orientation of Newly-Hired Teachers

DM No. 576, s. 2016

Continuous Improvement (CI) Program Symposiums by District and Division

DM No. 575, s. 2016

Division Executive Conference

CM No. 26, s. 2016

4th Council Venture & 17th Kawan Holiday

DM No. 574, s. 2016

Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 563, s. 2016 Re: Seminar Workshop on Special Education

DM No. 573, s. 2016

Basa Pilipinas Training of Trainers (TOT): Consultation Workshop on Learning Action Cell (LAC)

DM No. 572, s. 2016

Addendum and Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 560, s. 2016 Re 2017 Division Technolympics

Unnumbered Memo

Coordination Meeting with the Senior High School Teacher II – TVL Strand