DM No. 135, s. 2016

2016 Division Annual Physical Checking and Simultaneous Condemnation of School Property, Equipment and School Buildings including Financial Audit of School Funds Except School MOOE

DM No. 134, s. 2016

2016 National Summer Leadership Camp of Saceda Youth Lead (SYL)

DM No. 133, s. 2016

Updating of Learners Profiles for End of School Year (EOSY) 2015-2016 on the Learner Information System (LIS)

DM No. 132, s. 2016

Workshop/Orientation of the Senior High School Staffing E-Tool

DM No. 131, s. 2016

Mass Training of Teachers in Grade 5 on The K to 12 Basic Education Program (BEP)

DM No. 130, s. 2016

Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 121, s. 2016 Re: Administration of 2016 English Proficiency Test (EPT) for Senior High School, Junior High School, Elementary and Kinder Teacher-Applicants

DM No. 129, s. 2016

One-Day Meeting of SBM Grants FY 2014 Recipients

DM No. 128, s. 2016

Enhanced School Improvement Plan (SIP) Training Workshop for School Heads

DM No. 127, s. 2016

Continuous Improvement Program Meeting of Coaches


Submission of Data on the Number of Grades 7 and 11 Registrants by Specialization