DM No. 584, s. 2016

Updating of Membership to the DepEd Non-Teaching Employees Union (Bohol Chapter)

DM No. 583, s. 2016

Pansangay na Tagisan ng Talino sa Filipino

DM No. 582, s. 2016

Addendum to Division Memorandum 494, s. 2016 Entitled “Implementation of Various Indigenous Peoples Education (IPED) Programs and Activities

DM No. 581, s. 2016

Regional Musabaqah Festival

DM No. 580, s. 2016

POP Quiz and On-the-SPOT Skills Exhibition

DM No. 579, s. 2016

Announcing the Vacancy of Nurse II for Senior High School (SHS)


Planning Conference of all Bohol Division Culture, Arts and Sports Specialist (BDCASS)

CM No. 28, s. 2016

Council Board of Review for All Ranks

DM No. 578, s. 2016

One-Day Conference for Teachers Trainers’s Methodology 1 (TM-1) Takers and Passers

DM No. 577, s. 2016

Orientation of Newly-Hired Teachers