DM No. 352, s. 2016

Resetting the Interview for Applicants for Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS’s) and Elementary School Principals I, II, III & IV in Congressional District I (CD 1)

DM No. 351, s. 2016

Division Seminar-Workshop on Campus Journalism

DM No. 350, s. 2016

Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 300, s. 2016, Basa Pilipinas Kindergarten Research Activities (Classroom Observations, Teacher & School Heads Interview and Parents’ Focus Group Discussion)

DM No. 349, s. 2016

Continuous Improvement (CI) Program Meeting of Coaches

DM No. 348, s. 2016

Continuous Improvement (CI) Program Coaches

DM No. 347, s. 2016

Guidelines on the Grant of Performance-Based Bonus for the Department of Education Employees and Officials for Fiscal Year 2015

DM No. 346, s. 2016

Observance of the National Indigenous Peoples Day

DM No. 345, s. 2016

2016 International Humanitarian Law Month

DM No. 344, s. 2016

Conduct of the Quarter 1 (Schools) and Quarter 3 (SDO) Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation Activities

DM No. 343, s. 2016

Validated List of of Applicants for Principals’s Test 2016