2nd Coordination Meeting of the Technical Committee and Event Managers of the 9th Annual Boholympics

DM No. 062, s. 2020

Suspension of Centralized Training of Athletes for the CVIRAA Meet 2020

DM No. 061, s. 2020

Strengthening Robotics Competencies Towards Participation in the World Competition

DM No. 060, s. 2020

Advisory in Response to Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) Matter and Guidelines in Requesting Clearance for Dept. of Health (DOH)

DM No. 059, s. 2020

Update on Financial Assistance for the Victims of 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

DM No. 058, s. 2020

Proper Way of Filling Up SAL-N and Submission

DM No. 057, s. 2020

Conduct of the Entrance Examination for Grade 7 & 11 Entrants for Ubay National Science High School for School Year 2020-21

DM No. 056, s. 2020

System Orientation – Workshop and Simultaneous Encoding of the Data Gathered on the National School Building Inventory (NSBI) for School Year 2019-2020

DM No. 055, s. 2020

Checking and Validation of PRC Documentation Requirements for CPD Units Issuance for ELLN Digital Modules 1 and 2

DM No. 054, s. 2020

Corrigendum and Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 044, s. 2020 (1st Division Research Conference)