Workshop on Achieving Peak Efficiency in School Using School System

DM No. 056, s. 2017

7th CVIF-Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) Workshop

DM No. 055, s. 2017

Administration of the National Career Assessment (NCAE) Examination for School Year 2016-2017

DM No. 054, s. 2017

Conduct of District Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (DsMEA) for the 3rd Quarter of School Year 2016-2017

DM No. 053, s. 2017

Agri-Entrepreneurship Senior High School (SHS) Program Development Workshop

DM No. 052, s. 2017

Qualified Potential Learning Resource Evaluators (LREs)

DM No. 051, s. 2017

Correction to DM No. 036, s. 2017 (Payment of Special Hardship Allowance for CY 2016)

DM No. 050, s. 2017

Meeting With All District ICT Coordinators


Enhancement and Beautification of the Billeting Quarter During the CVIRAA 2017

DM No. 049, s. 2017

Schedule of 2015 Cross-Checking of Property and Equipment for all Elementary and Secondary Schools