DM No. 163, s. 2017

Conference of All the Members of the Personnel Selection Board (PSB) and the Recruitment Teams for Senior High School (SHS)

DM No. 162, s. 2017

Modifications and Final Guidelines in the Recruitment Processes for Elementary and Junior High School Teacher I Positions for School Year 2017-2018

DM No. 161, s. 2017

Basa Pilipinas Training on Reinforcing Effective Literacy Instruction in Grade I Classrooms

DM No. 159, s. 2017

Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 145, s. 2017 Re: Administration of 2017 English Proficiency Test (EPT) for Senior High School, Junior High School, Elementary and Kinder Teacher-Applicants

DM No. 158, s. 2017

Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 100, s. 2017 Re: Updating of Philhealth Member’s Data

DM No. 157, s. 2017

1st Quarter FY 2017 Financial Staff Coordination Meeting

DM No. 156, s. 2017

2017 Division Annual Physical Checking and Simultaneous Condemnation of School Property, Equipment and School Buildings including Financial Audit of School Funds Except School MOOE

DM No. 155, s. 2017

Basa Pilipinas Training of Trainers (TOT) for Understanding Kindergarten Teaching and Learning

DM No. 154, s. 2017

Schools Visitation and Monitoring of DRRM Programs/Projects Implemented Per DepEd Order Issuances

DM No. 153, s. 2017

Seminar on Edible Landscaping