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Cornerstone Program Implementers for School Year 2015-2016

DM No. 311, s. 2015

2015 Principal’s Test Updates

DM No. 310, s. 2015

Quarter 4 Division Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (DMEA) and Annual Implementation Review (SIP Cycle 3-AIP 2) Conference Workshop


Orientation for Newly-Hired Teacher

DM No. 309, s. 2015

2015 Wellness Campus Program

DM No. 308, s. 2015

GSIS Focus Group Discussion & Customer Feedback Survey

iPlan Sample

Proposed K to 12 Lesson Plan Template Science Grade 9

iPlan Sample

Banghay Aralin sa Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao Gr. 9

iPlan Sample

Instructional Plan in Science – Grade 7

iPlan Sample

Instructional Plan in Math – Grade 3