Resolution No. 001, s. 2020

A Resolution Approving the Old Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) of School Year 2019-2020 to be used for Filling in the Vacant Teaching, Teaching Related and Non=Teaching Positions

DM No. 223, s. 2020

Pre-Work and Dry-Run Sessions for the Webinar-Workshop on Learning Modalities for Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors, and SDO Section Heads

DM No. 222, s. 2020

Dengue Awareness Month

DM No. 221, s. 2020

Revised Guidelines on Alternative Work Arrangements in the Department of Education During the Period of State of National Emergency Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

DM No. 220, s. 2020

Initial Result of the Applicants for Accountant III Position of DepEd Bohol Province for SY 2020-2021

DM No. 219, s. 2020

Minimum Specification for ICT Equipment and Internet Services to be Donated to Schools, Teachers and/or Learners, Microsoft Licensing, and Donation Matters

DM No. 218, s. 2020

Learning Facility for the Learning Modalities

DM No. 217, s. 2020

RPMS Updates and Survey from BHROD

DM No. 216, s. 2020

Online Conference of Division Kindergarten Technical Working Group and District Kindergarten Coordinators

DM No. 215, s. 2020

DepEd Region 7 New Normal Health Guidelines Upon Returning to Work/School