DM No. 333, s. 2009

Assumption of New Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Lorna E. Rances

DM No. 332, s. 2009

Grant for Science Research

DM No. 329, s. 2009

Changes to DepEd Memorandum No. 431, s. 2009 (National Education Conference on Understanding by Design)

DM No. 328, s. 2009

Second NAPSSPHIL Principal Congress

DM No. 327, s. 2009

Addendum to Division Memo. No. 321, s. 2009 (One-Day Division Secondary ICT Coordinators Conference)

DM No. 326, s. 2009

Submission of Progress Reports National and Regional Validation/Evaluation for Entries to the National Search for the Best School Forest Park

DM No. 325, s. 2009

DepEd Provident Fund

DM No. 324, s. 2009

Regional DaMath Competitions and Mathematics Bazaar for SY 2009-2010

DM No. 323, s. 2009

Division Executive and Management Conference

DM No. 322, s. 2009

2009 Education Week Celebration