DM No. 019, s. 2014

Declaring January 25, 2014 as the Early Registration Day for SY 2014-2015 to Achieve the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Objectives of Education for All (EFA)

DM No. 018, s. 2014

Implementation of P3,000.00 Net Take Home Pay for DepED Personnel

DM No. 017, s. 2014

A 3-In-1 Package (Neuro-Psychological Test, X-Ray and Urinalysis) for DepEd Personnel

DM No. 016, s. 2014

Submission of Report on Computers Under Computers for Public Schools (PCPS) Project Affected by Earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda

DM No. 014, s. 2014

Marine Biodiversity Seminar

DM No. 015, s. 2014

Primary Structures Educational Foundation, Inc. (PSEFI) Training and Assessment Programs

DM No. 013, s. 2014

Urgent: Initial Data Gathering for the Crafting of Human Resource Development Programs

DM No. 012, s. 2014

Tentative List of Coaches, Chaperons, Trainers and Athletes for the CVIRAA Meet 2014

DM No. 011, s. 2014

Vocation Campaign in Schools

DM No. 010, s. 2014

Children On-The-Spot Poster Making Competition