DM No. 079, s. 2013

Submission of the List of Grades III, IV and Relieving Teachers who Took the Teachers English Proficiency Test (TEPT) and Process Skills Test

DM No. 078, s. 2013

Psychological Test for the Elementary and Secondary Teacher, Administrators, School Heads and Employees in the Service

DM No. 077, s. 2013

Basic Re-Orientation Workshop of Essential Health Care Program (EHCP) Implementation To Schools/Districts

DM No. 076, s. 2013

2013 Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Provincial Scholarship Program Examination for High School Graduates

DM No. 075, s. 2013

Policy Guidelines on Regulating the Issuance of DepEd Advisories

DM No. 074, s. 2013

Dissemination of COMELEC Resolution No. 9598 Dated December 21, 2012 (Deputation of Certain Departments Under the Executive Branch, Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations and Financial Institutions in Connection with the May 13, 2013 Automated National and Local Elections)

DM No. 073, s. 2013

Orientation on the Data-Based NCBTS-TSNA

DM No. 072, s. 2013

Pansangay Na Patimpalak sa Pasanyog Wika at Kulturang Filipino

DM No. 071, s. 2013

Urgent Submission of Outputs for Assessor Methodology and Trainers Methodology Assessment

DM No. 070, s. 2013

Important and Urgent Reminders on the Required Reports in Connection with the Implementation of the Youth for Environment in School (YES) Program