DM No. 234, s. 2013

Our Department of Education Vision, Mission and Core Values (DepEd VMV)

DM No. 233, s. 2013

Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resources Development Scholarship (JDS) Project for School Year 2014-2015

DM No. 232, s. 2013

One Day Conference Workshop on Senior High School Survey

DM No. 231, s. 2013

National Science and Technology Fair for School Year 2013-2014

DM No. 230, s. 2013

Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC)

DM No. 229, s. 2013

Submission of Third Quarterly Reports on Adopt-A-School Program CY 2013

DM No. 228, s. 2013

2013 National Teachers’ Month and World Teachers’ Day Celebration

DM No. 227, s. 2013

Scholarship Announcement for 2014 Australia Awards Scholarships

DM No. 226, s. 2013

National Teacher College Alumni Association Grand Alumni Homecoming

DM No. 225, s. 2013

Mid-Year Assessment and Inset District/School- Activities