DM No. 104, s. 2012

Orientation-Workshop on the Accomplishment of the Revised on-Line Gathering Forms for th EBEIS end of School Year (EOY) School Statistics SY 2011-2012

DM No. 103, s. 2012

Schedule of Interview of Public Secondary Teacher-I Applicant (SST-I) Learning Areas

DM No. 102, s. 2012

Composition of Division Selection Committees and Division Sub-Committees

DM No. 101, s. 2012

Training on the Gulayan sa Paaralan and the Retooling on Vegetable Production

DM No. 100, s. 2012

Kindergarten Summer Program

DM No. 099, s. 2012

Corrigendum to the List of DepEd Officials 2012

DM No. 098, s. 2012

Graduation Message of the Regional Director

DM No. 097, s. 2012

National Seminar/Workshop/Thinkshop in Math and Science

DM No. 096, s. 2012

Administration of the 2012 Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT)

DM No. 095, s. 2012

Addendum to the Division Memorandum No. 077, s. 2012, dated March 13, 2012 re: English Proficiency Test/Filipino Intelligence Test and Psychological Test for the Elementary and Secondary Teacher I Applicants SY 2012-2013.