DM No. 536, s. 2019

Implementation of R.A. No. 11210 “Expanded Maternity Leave Law”

DM No. 526, s. 2019

Members of the Physical Facilities Task Force Who Will Take Care of All Facilities Needed by the Delegation Before, On, And After the Duration of the Provincial Meet on November 25-30, 2019 in Tagbilaran City

DM No. 525, s. 2019

Three-Day Training Workshop on Inclusive Education for Grade 2 Receiving Teachers

DM No. 524, s. 2019

Data Gathering in the Basic Education Information System (BEIS) 2019

DM No. 523, s. 2019

Kadugong Bol-anon Academic Festival X

DM No. 522, s. 2019

Special Meeting of the School Health and Nutrition Personnel

CC No. 21, s. 2019

Outdoor Leadership Course

DM No. 521, s. 2019

13th National Congress and Seminar-Workshop of the Department of Education National Employees’ Union

DM No.520, s. 2019

Leadership Skills Training for SPG/SSG Presidents and Capability Building Seminar for SSG/SPG Advisers

DM No. 519, s. 2019

Provincial Chemistry Olympiad