DM No. 128, s. 2020

Reiteration on the Submission of the Quarterly Online Report in the DepEd Partnerships Database System (DPDS)

DM No. 127, s. 2020

Submission of Updated Emergency Supplies and Equipment Inventory

DM No. 126, s. 2020

Cancellation of CY 2020 First Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)

DM No. 125, s. 2020

Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 102, s. 2020 on Capability Building for Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS) on Supervisors (PSDS) on Strengthening and Harmonizing Instructional Leadership Through Gender and Development Activities

DM No. 124, s. 2020

One-Day Conference of Library Hub Librarians

DM No. 123, s. 2020

12th Red Cross Youth Bohol Summer Camp

DM No. 122, s. 2020

Re-Suspension of the Centralized Training of Bohol Athletes for the Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVIRAA) Meet 2020

DM No. 121, s. 2020

Fifth Set of Policy Directives of DepEd Task Force COVID-19

DM No. 120, s. 2020

Changes on Division Memorandum No. 100, s. 2020 Entitled “Updates Relative to the Recruitment and Hiring Processes of Teacher I Position for School Year 2020-2021”

DM No. 119, s. 2020

Administration of the Early Language Literacy and Numeracy Assessment for School Year 2018-2019, National Achievement Test for Grade 6 and Grade 10 for SY 2018-2019 and Basic Education Exit Assessment for Grade 12 for SY 2019-2020