DM No. 172, s. 2011

Addendum to Division Memo. No. 160 s. 2011 on the Guidelines on the Utilization and Liquidation of School-Based Repair and Maintenance Scheme (SBRMS) Funds Under FY 2011 Budget

DM No. 171, s. 2011

Presidential Proclamation No. 154

DM No. 170, s. 2011

June 25, 2011 Massive Tree Planting Day

DM No. 169, s. 2011

Request for Tentative Form I as of June 10, 2011

DM No. 168, s. 2011

Division Re-Orientation Workshop on Breakfast Feeding Program (BFP) 2nd Tranche 40 Feeding Days Implementation

DM No. 167, s. 2011

School Readiness Assessment

DM No. 166, s. 2011

Distribution and Maximum Utilization of Various Kindergarten Instructional Materials

DM No. 165, s. 2011

Tracking of Permanent Kindergarten Teachers and DepEd Preschool Classes With Permanent Teachers Items

DM No. 164, s. 2011

Prohibition Against Selling/Endorsing of Commercial Products and Services

DM No. 163, s. 2011

Oplan Balik Eskwela 2011- 2012 Information and Action Center (IAC)