DM No. 208, s. 2009

Results of the 2009 National Qualifying Examination for Principals

DM No. 207, s. 2009

Final Planning for Division STEP of All Secondary School Heads and STEP Officers

DM No. 206, s. 2009

Revised General Guidelines on Random Drug Testing of High School Students

DM No. 204, s. 2009

Revised Influenza A (H1N1) Response Level Guide for Schools

DM No. 202, s. 2009

Additional Curriculum Guidelines for the 282 Technical-Vocational Secondary School Effective SY 2009-2010

DM No. 201, s. 2009

2009 National Science Club Month (NSCM) Celebration

DM No. 200, s. 2009

11th National Physics Conference and Workshop of the Samahang Pisika ng Visayas at Mindanao (SPVM)

DM No. 198, s. 2009

Conduct of Division Read-A-Thon Contest

DM No. 197, s. 2009

District Training of School Heads on Instructional Leadership and Managing Change

DM No. 196, s. 2009

Food Security Program in Every School