DM No. 243, s. 2009

Addendum and Clarification to Division Memo No. 226, s. 2009 (Revised Classroom Program That Reduces Teaching and Learning Time in the Elementary Level)

DM No. 241, s. 2009

Dissemination of Executive Order No. 806 (Affirming the Roles of Early Childhood Care and Development Council and the Council for the Welfare of Children)

DM No. 240, s. 2009

Revised Guidelines on Organization of DepEd Preschool Classes

DM No. 238, s. 2009

2009 National Textbook Delivery and Supply/Property Management Programs

DM No. 237, s. 2009

Advocacy Campaign on Protecting Health from Climate Change

DM No. 236, s. 2009

Bohol Medical Care Institute

DM No. 235, s. 2009

Implementation of the Strengthening Assets and Capacities of Communities and Local Governments for Resilience to Disasters, Year 2 (Accord-2) Project

DM No. 234, s. 2009

Asean Regional Drawing Competition

DM No. 233, s. 2009

2009 Regional READ-A-THON Contest

DM No. 232, s. 2009

The First National Search for the Most Functional Library Hub