DM No. 008, s. 2011

Preschool Teachers Seminar-Workshop on the Expansion of Model Preschool Implementation

DM No. 007, s. 2011

Alternative Mathematical Application Educators Workshop

DM No. 006, s. 2011

2011 Metrobank Foundation Search for Outstanding Teachers

DM No. 005, s. 2011

31st National Quiz Bee

DM No. 004, s. 2011

Announcing the Winners of the Division STEP Elementary Level

DM No. 003, s. 2011

Updated List of Private Schools in Basic Education Operating in the Schools Division and Their Status as of December 2010

DM No. 002, s. 2011

Early Enrolment for SY 2011-2012 Pre-school, Grade One and First Year High School Entrants/School Readiness Assessment to Grade Entrants

DM No. 001, s. 2011

Administration of the 2010 National Qualifying Examination for Principals on January 23, 2011

DM No. 350, s. 2010

DepEd-Bohol Employees Union General Assembly

DM No. 349, s. 2010

Preparation of Annual Procurement Program