DM No. 302, s. 2009

Results of the Division Tagis Talino, Sayawit sa Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalga, On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest, and Search for Most Outstanding Values Education Program

DM No. 301, s. 2009

One Day Orientation Workshop of Division TLE Core Group of Trainers for the Implementation of the 2010 CP-TLE

DM No. 300, s. 2009

Juan-Day Math Story Telling at the Library Hub

DM No. 299, s. 2009

Secondary School Heads and ICT Coordinators Conference

DM No. 298, s. 2009

2009 Damath Competitions

DM No. 297, s. 2009

Tentative List of Coaches, Chaperons, Trainers and Athletes for the CVIRAA Meet 2009-2010

DM No. 294, s. 2009

Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 123, s. 2009 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum (SEC) Pre-Implementation Activities

DM No. 293, s. 2009

Seminar Workshop on Teachers Organizational Strategy Training

DM No. 292 s. 2009

National Consumer Welfare Month

DM No. 291, s. 2009

Corrigendum (Division Memorandum No. 213, s. 2009) Division Training of Trainers on Sight Note Reading and Note Singing