DM No. 021, s. 2009

CY 2008 School Based Management (SBM) Grant Funded by the Support to Philippine Basic Education Reform (SPHERE)

DM No. 020, s. 2009

Forming Prayer Circles

DM No. 019, s. 2009

Administration of the 2009 National Achievement Test (NAT) for Grade Three, Grade Six and Second Year High School Students

DM No. 018, s. 2009

Results of the 2009 Division DaMath Competitions

DM No. 017, s. 2009

2nd Administration of Teacher English Proficiency Test (TEPT)

DM No. 016, s. 2009

Schedule of Interview

DM No. 015, s. 2009

Conduct of Insurgency Awareness Seminar

DM No. 014, s. 2009

Submission of Existing Number of Text Books and Needs SY 2008-2009

DM No. 013, s. 2009

Announcing the Winners of the 2008-2009 Metrobank-MTAP DepEd Math Challenge ESA Level Eliminations

DM No. 012, s. 2009

Announcing the Conduct of Entrance Examination for the First Year Entrants of Ubay National Science High School SY 2009-2010