DM No. 041, s. 2018

Call for Research Proposals

DM No. 040, s. 2018

1st District Bookkeepers’ Coordination Meeting CY 2018

DM No. 039, s. 2018

Dissemination of Deped Order No.66, s. 2017 Entitled “Implementing Guidelines on the Conduct of Off-Campus Activities”

DM No. 038, s. 2018

Basa Pilipinas EGRA Data Collection Activities 2018

DM No. 037, s. 2018

Division Consultative Meeting on CORE Health Programs

DM No. 036, s. 2018

First Senior High School Research Colloquium

DM No. 035, s. 2018

Conduct of the Entrance Examination for Grade 7 & 11 Entrants for Ubay National Science High School for School Year 2018-2019

BPFPTA General Meeting

Jan 25 Gen Assembly Meeting

DM No. 034, s. 2018

Distribution of Learning Resources

Travel Order MTOT Batch 4

Travel Order MTOT Batch 4